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Season 2023-24

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! Justyna here, back from the French Alps. Warm sun, gentle Caribbean breeze—nothing beats sailing in paradise. Walking on sandy beaches, savoring lobster, sipping rum punch as the sun sets. Join us aboard The Dove for an unforgettable Caribbean charter experience. Let Larry, our exceptional captain, guide you through hidden coves and charming towns. Dive in, unwind, and create lifelong memories. Book now and let the magic unfold. Fair winds, Justyna & Larry

Sailing yacht The Dove in the Caribbean
The Dove in the Tabago Cays

an amazing view in Antiqua

an amazing island in the Caribbean
Mayreau Island Grenadines

Fishing on The Dove
Kate and the fish


Sailing on The Dove
Getting ready for sailing

Going sailing in the Caribbean
Don on The dove

sailing on The Dove inn the Caribbean
The Dove

sunset in Antigua

sunset in Antigua


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