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Our Guest Comments 

On the way to the office this morning, I found myself listening in my head to the sounds of The Dove -- the wind in the shrouds and the hull cutting thru the water. Really soothing. I have no doubt you will see us again next year. As you saw, we all love sailing and are happy to work the boat -- especially when we are rewarded with such fine food and drink. This summer we will be sailing together, for sure. I know we'll raise a glass or two to you, Justina and The Dove.

Hi, Larry!

We made it back safe and sound – the only thing I hate is going through the airports – but in the end it was worth it to have a great holiday . . . Friday we were sitting having dinner in shorts and on Sunday we had a fire on and sitting in leggings and track pants. Today . . . it is -14C with a wind chill of -20C.

We had a great holiday and, like I said in the note, you really looked after us – hope that you have good winds and we will definitely be in touch and Larry, thanks for the picture.March 2012 Charter Guests

Larry and Justyna, Thank you both for a wonderful sailing experience. Patty and I had a great time and your hospitality and food were wonderful. We hope to have an opportunity to sail with you again sometime. All the best and safe journeys.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time on board THE DOVE. Larry and Justina were lots of fun and always ready and willing to meet needs. The yacht was very comfortable and proved to be a sea worthy vessel… Meals were SPECTACULAR!!”

February 2011 Charter Guests

“(My Client) who owns two large hotels said that they had had a really wonderful charter!”

Broker for charter on THE DOVE

Thank you Larry and Jenny for your warmful hospitality. We enjoyed sailing on this beautiful Dove, a comfortable and very well maintained sailing boat.

Your cuisine was really good and we think you are very gifty, not so often to taste such a good chocolate mousse even in France !!!

Thank you Jenny for your nice salads, light and healthy, just fine to fit in our swimming suits!!! and your rum punch at sunset were great !!

But above everything, we really enjoyed your company… Last thing, thousands of thanks for the cheese cake recipe that I will try soon.

Please feel free to contact us if you come to visit we will be happy to welcome you ! Warmest regards to share to both of you.

Thanks for checking in, Larry. I hope you, Laura and The Dove are well on your way to Grenada and Trinidad.

I just loved our time with you. The day sail and snorkeling at Petit Nevis were just great. The overnight to PSV and Tobago Cays was simply first-rate in every way. Your relaxed confidence, wonderful company and superb cuisine were right on the money in every way, and The Dove was extremely comfortable and 'sure-footed'. I'd do it again in a green flash and glowingly recommend you, Laura and The Dove to all.

“Greetings from cold and wet Cape Elizabeth, Maine! We are having a bit of culture shock. We bought mangoes and plantains, but it’s just not the same.”

“We had a wonderful time aboard The Dove and would love to have the opportunity to do it again. It was truly a great vacation and getting to know you and Cindy was a large part of what made it so special.”

Hi, Larry and Cindy,

Great to hear from you! We had so much fun on the charter with you... we keep saying how it was the highlight of our month of travel. We just loved life on the boat and we really enjoyed getting to know you both and we were glad we could help you celebrate your birthdays! The green flash and a full moon on the same day must be a good sign.

Dear Larry:

The pleasure was all ours! And many thanks to you and Cindy for a wonderful voyage aboard "The Dove." We had lots of good times and many superb meals!

The day after we arrived home, it snowed (briefly), so we thought longingly of the sunny Caribbean. But the good news is that the daffodils are beginning to come up, so Spring isn't that far away.

We all (all three of us) enjoyed our cruise on board "The Dove," and wish you good varnishing weather.

Happy Sailing!

What a great time we all had on The Dove!!!

I am glad the ‘two little terrors’ won you over in the end. They loved you and Cindy, as we did, and we will always remember that first yacht trip!!! You made the whole experience fantastic!!!

Lots of love from all of us to you both.

Family of four Petit St. Vincent – Union, the Grenadines

"Just marvelous. The boat was in tip top shape, elegant and a delight. All it might, could and should be. Very comfortable. Can't think of anything that might be better. The food ws fabulous! Lobster, yellow fin tuna kabobs, homemade ice cream, sashimi tuna, Nicoise pizza, zabaglione, barbequed quail, banana fritters with honey.

This just barely begins to describe the creative preparation of everything. Jasmine made fresh bread daily. Our only complaint was that she put too much rum in the rum drinks!

Larry's maturity made a big difference. We thoroughly enjoyed being and visiting with him. His sailing skills refected his maturity and experience. He should rename himself 'Lawrence of the Sea.'

"I am writing this letter to express our appreciation for our wonderful trip aboard the Dove. What we experienced exceeded our expectations in every respect. First, the boat. The Dove is a beautiful boat that is lovingly maintained. The guest quarters are comfortable, including a head with separate (and stylishly outfitted) shower.

Second, the captain and crew. While our first mate, Jozy, was a genuine pleasure, she is not a long-time first mate, so I will focus on our captain. Larry is a gracious host, as any good captain should be. But he is much more than that. He is a truly fascinating person, whose talents and knowledge on a wide range of subjects made our trip more interesting than we could have imagined.

Third, the food. (High on my priority list). We come from the food capital of the United States. We are used to high quality ingredients, creative chefs, and beautiful surroundings. We enjoyed all three aboard the Dove. Among the many foods we enjoyed were sashimi (served on appropriately Asian dishes), Chinese spiced ribs, squab, duck, freshly prepared dessert pastries, and French press coffee every morning. The food was gourmet, but it wasn't fussy. In fact, it was light tasting enough that we deluded ourselves into thinking we weren't gaining weight! I am confident that Larry can adapt to whatever special requests he may receive, but left to his own devices, he produces a wide variety of wonderful meals."

Pickus party, 

The boat was very comfortable and the cockpit layout was superb. The meals were 5 star all the way."

Anderson party,

“The boat was in excellent shape and was a pleasure to be on board. Captain Larry Tyler was professional and friendly. “He very much went out of his way to allow us to be part of the process – very good at giving us just enough info and letting us ask”

“Chef Jozy Steele was friendly, professional and eager to please. Her meals were extremely well done – lots of food and really good quality. Every special food and drink we requested was onboard.”

Mulholland party

"The Dove was really fun under sail. Larry found pleasant and comfortable anchorages at each stop. We also found him helpful in suggesting places to go and things to do on the various islands. We'd be glad to sail with Larry again if the opportunity presents itself."

Carlyle party

"You have no idea how much we enjoyed this far too short week on The Dove! You made us feel at home from the start and gave us such a warm welcome that everything clicked instantly. Your friendly and patient advice and occasional very low key correction of our transgressions were all very much appreciated. It really was a treat to be with such an experienced and widely traveled sailor.

Keller party

"The Dove was great. We all loved our vacation. Two of us have worked charter boats earlier in life and Larry does it right."

Brewer party

“In short, my highest expectations were met: the captain is a fine fellow, an excellent mariner and a gracious host. The cuisine was unforgettable. The boat was first class, a solid performer in these vigorous trade winds with very nice accommodations and equipment. We had a great tour of the Grenadines, a wonderful unspoiled cruising spot, still innocently primitive and almost boutique-free. We would strongly recommend The Dove and her crew.”

Farnham party

“We had a wonderful time, as always, on The Dove and appreciate the kindness and attention shown to us by the crew. The meals were 5 star….much better than many of the restaurants we have eaten in.”

The Wrightson party

"Probably the most comfortable boat we have been on. Impeccably clean. The captain is an expert sailor who knows his boat inside and out. He is also a fantastic chef.

Power party

“I just spoke with my client yesterday and she says she never had such a wonderful vacation like this. I wish I got this response for everyone about every charter! … Again, thank you for making the charter so wonderful.”

Broker comment

“Most enjoyable trip! After chartering boats for many years The Dove is at the top of our list!”

Power party

"Thanks so much for my best vacation ever. We really want to plan to do this again. I can't wait to tell my friends what a good guy you are and what a beautiful experience you can provide. … Your great food choices and preparation and good taste in all the presentations delighted us every day!"

"We can't say enough about THE DOVE, her Captain, his mate and the food! Larry is a - very talented Captain who took care of our every need. The meals were 5-star (better than many of the restaurants we have eaten in) and the yacht was very clean and comfortable. We would recommend THE DOVE without hesitation."

The Wrightson party





“We had such a good time with you and we hope you keep sailing and offering your boat and yourself to guests…. we would love to come back.”

Carter party

"Best sailing trip ever. The captain was excellent as a sailor, chef, etc. Can't praise The Dove Enough!"

- Cohen party

"It was a terrific week - we were pampered the whole time."

Barnes party

"I wanted you to know that our charter experience on The Dove was outstanding, probably the best sailing trip we ever had. The captain was wonderful. In addition to competency and temperament, he has great maturity and handled the few minor problems situations that usually turn up with ease. He knew the waters and anchorages. He was responsive to our desire for lots of sailing. The food was wonderful - we ate beautifully every meal".

- Kolker party

"The Dove was most comfortable. In Particular the spaciousness of the cockpit, the ingenious dining table arrangement, the blessing of an awning which did not have to be dismantled while under sail, the space and comfort of the forward cabin…we can think of no improvement to the boat. The food at all times was delicious and exactly what we wanted." - Hamilton party

"Thank you for making our honeymoon magical. The Dove was a pleasure and made our trip delightful. Thank you for going out of your way to answer any dream or wish we may have had. The accommodations and food were superb!"

Actor Chris O'Donnell and Caroline honeymooned on The Dove and returned the next year after for their first anniversary.

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