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Fantastic charter season 2019

As I sit here in the saloon of "The Dove", at anchor in North Sound, Virgin Gorda BVI, the sun has set, its pitch black out side with millions of stars twinkling above, the sea is dead calm in this amazing anchorage and the only sounds one can hear is from the water lapping against the dinghy to the musical sounds of crickets and tree frogs.

Since hurricane Irma devastated the BVIs, Virgin Gorda seems to be very slow at coming back to life, Saba Rock is busy with barges and cranes and workmen rebuilding the Rock, BitterEnd is flattened, only lorries go back and forth clearing debris, no sign of any building as yet, Biras Creek looks abandoned as is Costa Smeralda Yacht Club. the only place that is busy is Leverick marina and restaurant. Cooper island is up and running as is Norman island and Foxy's and the lobster restaurants on Anegada. It is very sad to see so much devastation but on the positive side nature is flourishing with so many different species of birds enjoying the tranquil waters.

All our charters this year have been on the islands of Antigua and St Maarten, St Barths. It has been such a great season with so many charter friends coming to join us. April and May we are fully booked sailing around the Leeward islands.Mid May we plan on setting sail for Bermuda from St Maarten and then heading North to Greenland and up above the arctic circle. More to follow.

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