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Private yacht available for charter

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Dove under
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Sailing yacht "The Dove" is a beautiful one of a kind sailing sloop 54 ft in length designed by world renowned W.I.Crealock and custom built in 1988 for Captain Larry Tyler in the Far East to sail fast and safely around the world, in luxury and comfort."The Dove" is of a modern design, but full use has been made of the superior craftsmanship there to create a beautiful, teak appointed interior and exterior, carefully fitted out with wonderful furnishings from the Orient. Being owner operated no expense has been spared on her upkeep.
Come sail on her in the Caribbean this winter or in Maine for the summer or take her on an adventure/expedition to the South Pacific, Greenland, Patagonia or Antarctica. 

The many repeat guests are testament to the crew, and the comfort and amenities offered by us.

On the way to the office this morning, I found myself listening in my head to the sounds of The Dove -- the wind in the shrouds and the hull cutting thru the water. Really soothing. I have no doubt you will see us again next year. As you saw, we all love sailing and are happy to work the boat -- especially when we are rewarded with such fine food and drink. This summer we will be sailing together, for sure. I know we'll raise a glass or two to you,  Larry, Justina and The Dove.

Finsing men in Anegada
sailing on The Dove
sailing on The Dove
a view from The Dove in Maine,USA

On The Dove we try to serve only locally grown organic grown fruit and vegetables and fish that we catch ourselves. We are happy to welcome vegetarians, vegans as well as meat eaters. ( For meat eaters Larry's specialities are  BBQ leg of lamb, Magret de Canard, Ragoût of Octopus and Mahi Mahi à la Tahitienne)

fishing on The Dove
healthy food on The Dove
fish on The Dove
open market in Martunique

we make a video of your sailing adventures on The Dove 

" The Dove" -1974

After watching this movie Larry left his successful fashion carrier in London and started sailing.

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